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Practice Schedule for all teams


Farm League Baseball
Mets - Manager, Jason Beckwith
Cardinals - Manager, Melissa Mills
Marlins - Manager, Suzie James
Orioles - Manager, Elean Mitchell

Minor League Baseball
Acadians 1 - Manager, Jon Nicholoson
Acadians 2 - Manager, Scott Grierson
Acadians 3 - Manager, Eric Jones

Major League Baseball
Acadians 1 - Manager, Andy Shea
Acadians 2 - Manager, Scott Phelps
Acadians 3 - Manager, Peter Swanson

Minor League Softball
Acadians - Manager, Jeff Chamberlain

Major League Softball
Acadians - Manager, Jamie Young

Practices (unless otherwise specified by a team's coach) and home games are held at the Bar Harbor Ball Field. Farm League games are played at Town Hill Field.

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